Welcome to NFPNet.org, a collection of resources specifically for non-profit organizations, brought to you by the firm of Heveron & Company CPAs, PLLC. You can browse our quarterly newsletters here, policy samples, and a large assortment of links to the best Internet resources we have found for non-profit organizations.

We are uniquely committed to the nonprofit industry!
We understand the impact that increased regulations and oversight, shifts in funding sources, increased audit requirements, and volatile investment markets have on you. We do proportionally more auditing than any other firm in INPACT Americas (a nationwide association of CPA firms we belong to); most of that work is for nonprofits. We produce a regular newsletter for nonprofits.
We train in and on the nonprofit industry.
We are a New York State Department of Education certified provider of CPA continuing education. The majority of our continuing education is nonprofit-related; we have served as authors and trainers for organizations like the Foundation for Accounting Education, the United Way of Greater Rochester, the National Center for Independent Living, the National Urban League, NYS Literacy Volunteers, NYS Community Action Association, and others

We would be a resource for your “tax” and accounting questions. We receive daily Internet updates on tax changes and proposed legislation for the nonprofit sector. We communicate important information to you all year, and will answer your questions promptly.

Some of our key services to nonprofits include:

  • annual audits, and compliance audits in conformity with governmental auditing standards and with OMB A-133,
  • audits of retirement plans and of consolidated fiscal reports, and agreed-upon procedures audits,
  • preparation of annual filings including forms 990, New York State form CHAR500, and form 5500,
  • preparation of initial registrations including the federal application for exemption, federal indirect cost rate applications, registrations with the Charities Bureau and for New York State Sales Tax exemption, and registration in other states,
  • affordable housing services. We perform more than 65 audits of affordable housing limited partnerships each year. We prepare a benchmarking report based on those audits, which allows you to compare your results to a compilation of properties in the same geographic area. We also perform cost certifications, 10% credit carryover allocation engagements, and tax and financial planning for affordable housing, and
  • board consulting and education. We will provide general training in board responsibilities for fiscal matters, or specific programs you require.